Classes, clubs, and other ministries I have offered and continue to offer in struggling communities- throughout Quito, Ecuador.

Rio bamba

In the high sierra of the Andes mountains there are still many communities of indigenous people who live off the land, farming without the aid of machinery, and often without an education. Once a month I travel out to the small rural community of Columbe where I teach crochet and knitting classes (and occasionally beading) to the incredibly strong women who live there- so that they may be that much more able to provide for their families and themselves.

Boys and Girls Homes

For safety and security reasons, I cannot discuss the homes for former street boys, and rescued and at risk girls, where I teach art and crafting classes. (I also cannot reveal their names or show their faces.) But I have tutored in painting and drawing, and engaged interests where ever I could in order to use my gifts- to help these recovering young people- find their own.

Puyo and Chai

Two very different communities in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador. One is a city where I am located at a local church called Kairos, the other is a Shuar village in the actual jungle- where Kairos serves regularly- and I help where ever I can...